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We eat, we read, we explore

Tanjong Pagar conservation area. Ann Siang. Duxton.

Yes, I know these places are so… yesterday.

“You’d know about them if you were in tune with the times,” you say.

These times – when age is hip and vintage is current once again.

I have been to the Tanjong Pagar part of town before – but usually by myself, and never all the good parts at once. This time, I made a list, got a couple of good friends together, and played tour guide. Books. Cakes. Cafes. > The highlights.

Traipsing around gorgeous old shophouses, wolfing down sweet treats, sipping lattes, discovering new nooks and reads – we did all those last saturday.

Such fun, when the thrill of discovery is shared amongst like minded folks.

More Photos here

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Left: with club soda.   Right: with cream soda.

In conjunction with the upcoming Harry Potter movie finale, I tried making butterbeer with the mugglenet recipe today.

It was way… way…way… too sweet to ingest.

So I topped it up with a whole lotta club soda. and rum.

And made my brother share it.

He actually finished his, after adding more rum. (I didn’t)

Some say this other recipe tastes better.

I think I’ll wait for a day when I’m feeling more adventurous.